Many children experience difficulties producing various sounds. Certain sounds are more difficult than others to produce which is why some sound errors are considered developmental. We have all heard a 2 year old say “fun/thumb” or a 4 year old say “wed/red”. These are both considered developmental. However, some children continue having difficulties producing various sounds even when these sounds are considered age-appropriate.

Sounds are learned at different ages depending on how difficult a sound is to produce. Although there is a range of when children master various sounds, the ages below serve as a general guide.

Speech Development

Early Sounds (Developing between 1-3 years of age)

P (Pig)

B (Ball)

M (More)

N (No)

H (Hi)

W (Wait)

D (Dog)

Middle Sounds (3-6.5 years of age)

T (Toe)

K (Kite)

G (Go)

Ng (King)

F (Fan)

V (Van)

Ch (Chin)

J (Juice)

V (Vase)

S (Sun)

Late Sounds (5-7.5 years of age)

Sh (Shoe)

Z (Zoo)

R (Rabbit)

L (Lamp)

Th (Thumb)

Th (Feather)




If your child is experiencing difficulties with his/her speech, contact us today.






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