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It’s that time of year again. Like most parents, you are likely finally catching your breath from the back to school whirlwind….or you may not even be quite there yet.   Then, progress reports come. Some of you may have expected some struggles, and others may be surprised by the new struggles your child is experiencing. […]

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? October is Autism Awareness month. As Speech Therapists we work with children with Autism frequently. Our clients with Autism are often the most challenging yet rewarding on our caseload. Children with Autism have so much potential and Speech Therapists play the important role of unlocking their ability to communicate. Giving […]

Dr. Michelle Peris, Naturopathic Doctor in Oakville, discusses postpartum fatigue, what to look for and how to cope. There are so many changes after you have a baby, but among them, the most popular concerns shared at my clinic is fatigue. With round the clock feedings, changing diapers and just the general time needed to […]

Learning to read and write is an ongoing process that begins in infancy and is highly correlated with later school achievement. Many parents are unsure how and where to start in supporting their young reader and ask us “How do I teach my child to read?” Pediatricians in a recent New York Times Article recommend […]

Does your child have the skills to enter kindergarten? Parents often worry that their preschoolers may not have the preparation or maturity needed to succeed in today’s kindergarten programs. Not all children entering kindergarten will have the same skills and needs, however, there are a number of activities you as a parent can do to help […]

Bilingualism and your child’s language development. Your native language is Spanish, and you want to teach your child to speak both English and Spanish but you worry it will cause confusion and language delay. I’m here to tell you, not to worry! Teach your child your native language. Not only are there multiple cognitive benefits […]