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Speech Kids Canada is now offering Occupational Therapy to children in Halton and Peel by a Registered Occupational Therapist.   Occupational Therapists work to promote: Fine motor skills (grasping, cutting, show-tying, utensil use) Visual perceptual skills.  Visual perceptual problems refer to the inability to accurately identify and locate objects in the environment (difficulty discriminating between […]

Sound effects your child makes can cause damage to your child’s vocal cords. We have all seen it. The two year old boy playing with his car and making “crash” noises.  The 3 year old playing with superheroes and making a “robo voice”.    Although, it is great that they are involved in pretend play, the […]

By the time children reach school age, they should be talking in full grammatically correct sentences. Long gone are the days of 1-2 word phrases and “baby talk”. Although children in Kindergarten may still present with some developmentally appropriate articulation difficulties, strangers should be able to understand them 100% of the time. Literacy acquisition also […]

Early intervention is critical for children with communication problems. A Speech-Language Pathologist can help by assessing your child to determine if his/her speech and language skills are age appropriate, providing play based intervention, parent strategies and resources.   Frequently Asked Questions: What is a Speech-Language Pathologist? A Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech therapist or SLP for short, […]

Speech and Language Milestones   “When should my child say his/her first words?” “Is this typical for his/her age?” These are common questions Speech-Language Pathologists receive from parents of young children. May is Speech and Hearing month and a great opportunity to ensure your child is meeting his/her speech and language goals. The following is a […]

Many children experience difficulties producing various sounds. Certain sounds are more difficult than others to produce which is why some sound errors are considered developmental. We have all heard a 2 year old say “fun/thumb” or a 4 year old say “wed/red”. These are both considered developmental. However, some children continue having difficulties producing various […]