speech and company recipe websites

Speech & Company provides speech and occupational therapy to children. Children, whether they have typically developing speech and language skills or delayed, often have particular food likes and dislikes. Speech & Company decided to list some of our favourite websites and recipes that will hopefully inspire you and your little one!   Skinnytaste.com is one […]

Hearing Assessment is crucial is speech and language development

If you have ever had a speech and language assessment for your child, you will most likely have had THE hearing and ear infection questions; “Does your child get frequent ear infections?”, “Has your child had a recent hearing assessment?”  Why are the answers to these questions so important? It is well recognized that hearing […]

toddler vocabulary

A recent article by the NY Daily News listed 25 “must have” words for toddlers.  It’s not surprising that this list is comprised of people, things, social sayings, and descriptions that a child comes into contact with and hears on a regular basis.  These words are important and reinforcing to the child and heard repetitively. […]

speech and language

Speech & Company had the chance to sit down with Mabel’s Labels co-founder, Julie Cole to discuss speech and language milestones.   “What milestones should I be looking for in my 2 year old?” “What sounds should my child be saying when entering kindergarten?”   AND MORE! For further information on speech, language and literacy […]

kids handwriting skills

Do you have difficulty reading your child’s printing? An Occupational therapist can help!  Occupational therapists have the knowledge and training to assess all components of handwriting skills and provide appropriate recommendations to meet your child’s needs.  There are many components that influence handwriting, such as, hand strength, pencil grasp, memory, orientation, letter sizing and spacing, […]

stuttering kids

When does it start and what does it look like? Stuttering typically begins between the ages of two and four years of age. Stuttering includes repetition of sounds, words and phrases, stretching or exaggerating sounds, silent pauses with no sound, and excessive use of uhm, ah, and other non-word syllables. Some children present with visible […]