Speech & Company provides speech and occupational therapy to children. Children, whether they have typically developing speech and language skills or delayed, often have particular food likes and dislikes.

Speech & Company decided to list some of our favourite websites and recipes that will hopefully inspire you and your little one!


Skinnytaste.com is one of our favourite websites for family meals. It was originally meant as a guide for people following the weight watchers plan, however, it quickly grew to a family’s go-to recipe resource. With the cooler months and busy evenings, this Crock Pot Kid-Friendly Turkey Chili will be sure to win points in your home for convenience, health and taste! This is excellent the second day as leftovers, perfect for the lunch thermos.  I am sure you will be on this site for quite some time, drooling and planning your family meals!

100daysofrealfood.com is also a fantastic resource for family meals and particularly for school lunches. She has “school lunch roundups” with photos and recipes of what she puts in her children’s lunches. She offers suggestions for make ahead items and lunch containers. Here is a nut free roundup.


Little Humans Eating Healthy is written by a mom of 3 who GETS IT! She posts recipes of what she is giving her kids for meals and lunches, with a healthy but practical emphasis. These Healthy Carrot Apple Sauce muffins are delicious, and who doesn’t love muffins for breakfast or school snack. Bonus because they have hidden vegetables!


Danielle Binns is a certified nutritionist and picky eating expert.   Most of us have tried or atleast heard of “Made Good” granola bites.   Danielle, recently posted a Granola Minis recipe on her blog. I LOVE Made Good bars and bites but these taste even better! Plus they are a fraction of the cost.


Superhealthykids.com is an incredibly popular website with a ton of Super Healthy Kid recipes. We couldn’t choose just one but take a look at their site and get some inspiration for quick weeknight meals, lunchbox ideas or holiday treats!


Feedingfinn.com is a great website for little ones. There is a collection of healthy and yummy recipes that this mom tried with success with her son Finn. These quinoa balls are fantastic.


So there you have it!  Some of our favourite go to recipes and websites that fuel are little ones.  What are some of your favourite sites and recipes?






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